Flavelle Oceanfront Development undertook a planning and visioning process to consider the future of the historic Flavelle Sawmill site.  In April 2015, the company initiated a public engagement process to share information and gather input from the community. To date, we have completed the following:

  • Residential door to door canvass of over 900 homes in the City of Port Moody, where we had conversations with over half of the residents at their homes.
  • Business Canvass of the Moody Centre area – reached over 100 businesses
  • Notified over 10,000 residents with a mailer about our 1st Open House held in June 2015 at the Old Mill Boathouse. Over 100 people attended the 1st Open House
  • We hosted four (4) information kiosks at local events: Farmer’s Market, Golden Spike Days, Newport Village Summer Festival and the Food Truck Festival – over 500 people asked about the site and gave us their feedback.
  • Over 200 people attended the City led Open House in January 2016, and over 150 attended the January 2017 event.
  • Over 350 people have engaged with us through our project website
  • Over 250 people have participated in the Flavelle Site Tours
  • Hosted a Transit-Oriented Development tour with Translink for the City of Port Moody Mayor, Council and Staff