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I’ve seen listings for Flavelle homes on other sites, are those real?2022-08-23T17:29:17-07:00

No, unfortunately those listings are not real.  We are not listing any units or any part of the Oceanfront site, nor have we partnered with any website to broker the units proposed for the site. The best way to stay on top of Oceanfront news is to sign up to receive emails from us at https://www.flavelleoceanfront.ca/contact/

Why has Flavelle not submitted a rezoning application?2022-08-23T17:28:57-07:00

The decision of when to submit a rezoning application requires economic and political certainty. Since the Oceanfront District Master Plan was passed 2018, there has not been a sustained period of certainty in Port Moody that would allow us to put forward an application in good faith. The municipal election in 2018, rising property taxes due to the Highest and Best Use rule, uncertainty around the Mayor’s office in 2019-2020, and the COVID-19 pandemic have all contributed to a delay in our decision to move forward.  In the meantime, we have developed partnerships in the film and entertainment sector that have ensured that the Oceanfront District remains a productive part of Port Moody’s business sector following the closure of the Flavelle SawMill in October, 2020.

Moving forward, we are excited to re-engage with the community of Port Moody as this will assist us in determining our next steps and timing.

What type of future employment will be on the site?2022-08-23T17:28:46-07:00

The Oceanfront District is anticipated to generate over 1,000 permanent jobs through its redevelopment – from light industrial & high tech to hospitality, office and institutional care opportunities. If the Flavelle site is redeveloped as a comprehensive mixed use neighbourhood it will continue to be an important source of employment for the region.

Will the property allow access to the Waterfront?2022-08-23T17:28:35-07:00

One of Flavelle Oceanfront’s first priorities is to “knit the community back together by opening up a previously private waterfront.”  We want an open and active waterfront space in line with the City’s Official Community Plan guidelines for the property. Providing strong points of access to the waterfront is a major priority and opportunity for the future redevelopment of the site.

Is the site safe to build on?2022-08-23T17:28:18-07:00

Yes, three (3) detailed geotechnical and soil investigations have been conducted on this site specifically to address the question around potential redevelopment. The first investigation was carried out by Golder and Associates, and additional soil investigations were performed by GeoPacific Consultants. All three of the reports have been submitted to the City of Port Moody, who retained Levelton Consultants Ltd. to perform an independent peer review of the geotechnical reports. The conclusions reached by all three firms are the same:

  1. There is nothing on this site that would preclude the development in its current proposed form.  In fact, from a geotechnical aspect, the site can support structures that are much larger and more complex then we have proposed.
  2. All of the issues regarding liquefaction, fill material, and earth quake hazards have been addressed and are very manageable with sound well proven methods of geotechnical and structural engineering & design.
How will the natural environment (i.e. Burrard Inlet) be impacted by future development on the Flavelle site?2022-08-23T17:28:04-07:00

Our goal is to improve the natural environment. In the event that construction on the foreshore cannot be avoided, we will work with environmental experts to ensure minimal disturbance to the natural environment both before and after any construction along the foreshore. We will be incorporating objectives and guidelines of current best management practices to ensure overall impact to the environment is low. Our commitment to environmental protection and regulation will and always has been upheld.

Will there be a hotel at Oceanfront?2022-08-23T17:27:54-07:00

The Oceanfront District Master Plan permits a hotel and/or tourist accommodation use on the site. We think that a hotel would be a great addition to Port Moody, however the use is strongly correlated to market demand. If the market is strong enough to support a hotel we will incorporate it in the plan.

Will there be art at Oceanfront?2022-08-23T17:27:45-07:00

Yes. The City of Arts will have its oceanfront art! We are excited to celebrate the site’s legacy in Port Moody through public art. Our early ideas are to incorporate industrial artifacts into the public art on the site, and for future pieces to be inspired by the industrial heritage of the property. We look forward to hearing from you on your suggestions and bold ideas to make Port Moody truly a City of the Arts.

How will traffic concerns be addressed?2022-08-23T17:27:27-07:00

A detailed transportation impact assessment was conducted and all modes of transportation have been considered. This assessment included a thorough analysis of existing traffic, circulation patterns, and growth and resulted in transportation plan that addresses potential key network improvements and opportunities for alternative travel modes.

Bunt & Associates are the transportation planners and engineering consultants for the Flavelle Oceanfront Development.  Their engineering analysis and methods of addressing the transportation issues have been accepted by the City of Port Moody. Detailed Travel Demand Management studies will be completed at the rezoning stage.

This is an ongoing process for us as we monitor changes to traffic patterns and continue to work to find ways to mitigate any traffic impact.

Will there be more opportunities to provide input and ideas?2022-08-23T17:27:06-07:00

Yes, please!  The OCP amendment approval process was successful because of the tremendous community advice and guidance. We appreciate your suggestions and ideas, please email us at your convenience.  Additionally, the rezoning development process has formal opportunities for input and we look forward to connecting and reaching out to you.

We will continue to offer the community advance notification of events through our digital platform, mailed invitations and advertisements in local papers.  Please sign up on our website to receive email notifications: https://www.flavelleoceanfront.ca/contact/

Will there be a walking trail at Oceanfront?2022-08-23T17:26:53-07:00

Yes, the Oceanfront District Master Plan stipulates enhancing the shoreline trail and Oceanfront has committed to 1.3km of new recreational trails and a boardwalk along the water’s edge to Rocky Point Park.  This is an increase of 43% to the existing Shoreline Trail. Our plan will ensure that the walking trails are accessible to all ages and abilities.

How much green space was approved in the Flavelle Oceanfront District Master Plan?2022-08-23T17:26:38-07:00

The Oceanfront District Master Plan stipulates “a minimum of 7.32 acres (3.05ha) of the site shall be dedicated as public park space and conservation and environmental setback areas.”  For reference, Rocky Point Park, situated adjacent to the site, is 9.39 acres (3.8 ha, including parking lots)

Will the Oceanfront District Master Plan allow for access to the Waterfront?2022-08-23T17:26:26-07:00

Yes, one of Flavelle Oceanfront’s first priorities is to “knit the community back together by opening up a previously private waterfront.”  We want an open and active waterfront space in line with the City’s Official Community Plan guidelines for the property. Providing strong points of access to the waterfront is a major priority and opportunity for the future redevelopment of the site. However, the City of Port Moody’s proposed ESA strategy would restrict access to, and use, of the waterfront.

Has the Oceanfront District Master Plan been approved?2022-08-23T17:26:13-07:00

Yes.  Flavelle has gone through the OCP amendment bylaw approvals with both the City of Port Moody and the Metro Vancouver Regional District. It is officially designated as “mixed-use  Oceanfront. The future of the site is now out of the hands of Metro Vancouver and fully within Port Moody’s control. The next step is the rezoning application with the City of Port Moody.

What stakeholder groups were consulted through the OCP Amendment Approval Process?2022-08-23T17:26:02-07:00

In addition to the community events, one-on-one conversations and site tours, the Flavelle Oceanfront Development team has met and presented to a number of organizations, including:

  • Port Moody Heritage Society
  • Port Moody Rotary Club
  • Moody Centre Community Association
  • Port Moody Arts Association
  • Eagle Ridge Hospital Foundation
  • Tri-Cities Chamber of Commerce
  • Burrard Inlet Marine Enhancement Society
  • Burke Mountain Naturalists
  • Port Moody Ecological Society
  • Old Mill Boathouse Society
  • Rotary Club of Coquitlam and Sunrise Rotary Club
  • Kwikwetlem Nation’s Economic Development Department

We look forward to continuing our dialogue and meeting with additional community leaders and groups.

What kind of community consultation were completed through the OCP Amendment Approval Process?2022-08-23T17:25:24-07:00

Flavelle Oceanfront Development undertook a planning and visioning process to consider the future of the historic Flavelle Sawmill site.  In April 2015, the company initiated a public engagement process to share information and gather input from the community. To date, we have completed the following:

  • Residential door to door canvass of over 900 homes in the City of Port Moody, where we had conversations with over half of the residents at their homes.
  • Business Canvass of the Moody Centre area – reached over 100 businesses
  • Notified over 10,000 residents with a mailer about our 1st Open House held in June 2015 at the Old Mill Boathouse. Over 100 people attended the 1st Open House
  • We hosted four (4) information kiosks at local events: Farmer’s Market, Golden Spike Days, Newport Village Summer Festival and the Food Truck Festival – over 500 people asked about the site and gave us their feedback.
  • Over 200 people attended the City led Open House in January 2016, and over 150 attended the January 2017 event.
  • Over 350 people have engaged with us through our project website
  • Over 250 people have participated in the Flavelle Site Tours
  • Hosted a Transit-Oriented Development tour with Translink for the City of Port Moody Mayor, Council and Staff
What is the OCP Amendment Process?2022-08-23T17:25:13-07:00

The property was designated General Industrial with a Special Study Area overlay both in the municipal Official Community Plan (OCP) and in the regional government, Metro Vancouver, Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). The rationale for designating the site as a Special Study Area was tied to the City’s and residents’ long term aspirations to see something other than a sawmill or other industry on the site. In 2015, Flavelle Oceanfront submitted a formal request to the City of Port Moody for an OCP amendment which began the process of the city realizing its long-held dream to have an oceanfront community. The formal planning process required sufficient and appropriate detail for Port Moody Council to consider the proposed amendment.  The application was approved by Port Moody City Council in 2017 and it then moved to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors for approval.  Metro Vancouver Board of Directors unanimously approved the City’s request by amending the Regional Growth Strategy and changing the designation of Flavelle from Industrial to General Urban regional land use.  In June 2018, Flavelle application received final reading from the City of Port Moody completing the first of many steps toward reaching the City’s long-held vision.

What is Oceanfront’s vision for the site?2022-08-23T17:25:00-07:00

Our vision is to create a sustainable oceanfront community in the heart of Port Moody that is unique, magical and unlike any other place. Homes for you and your families. Accessible walking trails along the water’s edge connecting to Rocky Point Park via the Shoreline Trail. Jobs and employment spaces supporting commercial, office, light industrial, retail, artisan, seniors care and entertainment sectors.   Gathering places and green spaces for residents and visitors to enjoy. And all of this within walking distance of the Evergreen Line Moody Centre Skytrain Station and commuter rail West Coast Express.

Who owns the property?2022-08-23T17:24:30-07:00

The property is privately owned by the Aspen Planers (AP) Group of Companies – a family owned business with its headquarters in Surrey, BC.  The AP Group operates in the forestry, trucking, logistics and property development sectors across BC.   Flavelle Oceanfront Development is part of the real estate asset division of the company.

How big is the property?2022-08-23T17:24:18-07:00

The site is over 33 acres.

  • Over 28 acres of land
  • Approx. 5 acres deeded seabed – one of the few examples of fee simple seabed.
Where is the site located?2022-08-23T17:24:00-07:00

Flavelle is located at the ocean’s edge at the end of the Burrard Inlet in the City of Port Moody.  It is within a 10-minute walk of the Moody Centre skytrain station on the Evergreen Line and the West Coast Express station, providing connections to downtown Vancouver and the Metro Region.  Flavelle Oceanfront is neighboured by:

  • Rocky Point Park, Moody Centre Skytrain Station and the West Coast Express to the east;
  • The mouth of Kyle Creek enters the Burrard Inlet to the west
  • CPR Railway and the old Moody Town Centre to the south; and
  • Famous gathering places like the Brewer’s Row, Rocky Point Ice Cream and the Port Moody Heritage Museum all within easy walking distance to Oceanfront.
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