The property was designated General Industrial with a Special Study Area overlay both in the municipal Official Community Plan (OCP) and in the regional government, Metro Vancouver, Regional Growth Strategy (RGS). The rationale for designating the site as a Special Study Area was tied to the City’s and residents’ long term aspirations to see something other than a sawmill or other industry on the site. In 2015, Flavelle Oceanfront submitted a formal request to the City of Port Moody for an OCP amendment which began the process of the city realizing its long-held dream to have an oceanfront community. The formal planning process required sufficient and appropriate detail for Port Moody Council to consider the proposed amendment.  The application was approved by Port Moody City Council in 2017 and it then moved to the Metro Vancouver Board of Directors for approval.  Metro Vancouver Board of Directors unanimously approved the City’s request by amending the Regional Growth Strategy and changing the designation of Flavelle from Industrial to General Urban regional land use.  In June 2018, Flavelle application received final reading from the City of Port Moody completing the first of many steps toward reaching the City’s long-held vision.