Our History

Since 1905, Flavelle and its workers have proudly supported their families and helped to weave the economic and social fabric of Port Moody and our Province. The century-long history of Flavelle is a testament to the opportunities our country provided to people from all around the world. It is extraordinary that, like many of the workers who provided the foundation for Flavelle’s success, the current owners of Flavelle are Sikhs whose family came to British Columbia looking for a better life.

Founded in 1947, in Merritt, BC by the late Tara Singh Ghog, a pioneer in the forest industry, Aspen Planers (AP) Group of companies has built an extensive set of operations in forest products manufacturing while continuing to grow and diversify over 70 plus years as a family run business. In that time, AP Group has grown to include real estate, bioenergy, green home building, and transportation & logistics assets. AP Group’s green, sustainable building materials are sold globally and are at the core of many of North America’s largest construction and urban infrastructure projects.

For the last 35-plus years, AP Group has been active in the residential, commercial, and retail property development business. We have completed projects across Western Canada. In each project, our principles as a family-owned, family-operated business are present.